Words from our Founder

Stepping into Son Antic, we embarked on an enchanting journey through time. This historic structure. established in 1881, has been a silent witness to the tales of hardworking fishing families, brave soldiers, and vibrant communities. As we set out to give Son Antic a fresh start, making it a cozy place to live, we chanced upon aged tables and benches, their design radiating the timeless charm of Mallorquin craftsmanship.

Inspired by Son Antic's legacy, this design became the soul of our furniture pieces, oak wood floors, and curtains. Each product, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, carries the essence of Mallorquin heritage, resonating deeply with the Mallorca community. Thus, Son Antic Studios emerged, dedicated to celebrating and sharing this unique Mallorquin essence.

Join us in experiencing the Son Antic Studios collection, a tribute to Mallorquin heritage and the rich tapestry of stories that Son Antic has to offer.

Johan Andréasson