Oak Wood Flooring

In a world filled with choices, oak stands out as the gold standard in flooring. Its rich history and robust durability make it more than just a home improvement. It's a commitment to quality, comfort, and a legacy that lasts.


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Oak grading


Our Premium oak floorboards represent the pinnacle of quality. These boards are distinguished by their uniform coloration and minimal presence of small, sound (live) knots. Crafted to exude a sense of luxury, these floorboards are striking whether they retain their natural oak hue or are enhanced with a multi-layer natural oil finish.



Our oak floorboards are engineered creations, available in both dual-layer and triple-layer configurations. What sets our planks apart?

  • Crafted from oak wood, known for its durability and resistance to environmental stressors, our floorboards maintain their integrity even when subjected to fluctuations in humidity and temperature.
  • When properly installed using the glued-down technique, these engineered planks outperform traditional solid wood flooring in terms of stability and longevity.
  • We prioritize safety and quality by using top-grade, formaldehyde-free adhesives in the construction of our planks.
  • Leveraging cutting-edge, symmetrical dual-oak construction, our triple-layer floorboards offer an energy efficiency advantage of approximately 15% over conventional options.


3 layer construction symmetrically balanced
2 layer
2 layer eco wood