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Welcome to our world where each table serves as more than just a piece of furniture.

Oak Furniture

Astrid Grand Round Table

Experience rustic Mallorcan luxury with our Astrid Grand Round Table. This grand oak table is more than just a piece of furniture - it's a statement. Crafted with a premium oak finish, the Astrid table is available in either Sand or Antic Brown. This high-quality table brings a touch of rustic appeal to your dining space, making every meal a luxurious experience. Choose the Astrid Grand Round Table for a blend of elegance and rustic charm.

Thor Long Table (Mesa Grande)

Experience the essence of Mallorca with our Thor Long Table. This high-quality table, with its generous proportions, is perfect for both dining and outdoor spaces. Crafted with a superior oak finish, this table is where style meets function. Whether in Sand or Antic Brown, the Thor Long Table stands as a worthy centerpiece, embodying the spirit of Mallorca in every detail. Choose the Thor Long Table for a balance of elegance and practicality in your space.

Thor Long Bench

Whether serving as a companion to the Thor Long Table or standing alone as a stylish interior accent, it's designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Crafted to fit perfectly underneath the table for effortless storage. Available in Sand and Antic Brown.

Freya Round Table

Introducing the Freya Compact Round Table, an embodiment of refined elegance. Crafted with a premium oak finish, this high-quality table is available in either Sand or Antic Brown. The Freya table's compact size is a testament to its design, offering style and quality in a space-efficient form. Perfect for smaller spaces, this elegant table brings a unique blend of sophistication and practicality. Choose the Freya Compact Round Table for a touch of luxury in your dining space.

Harald Table

Tailored to complement most dining or outdoor spaces. With its high-quality oak finish, the Harald table offers a balance of function and style. Available in Sand or Antic Brown, this table is a worthy centerpiece for any dining space.

Harald Bench

The perfect companion to the Harald Table, enhancing your dining space with its rustic charm. Available in either a Sand or Antic Brown finish, the Harald Bench not only complements your dining area but also adds a touch of rustic appeal. Choose the Harald Bench for a high-quality, complementary addition to your home.

Harald product

Loki Small Bench

Meet Loki, a sleek, mobile bench with a rustic finish. Durable and available in Sand or Antic Brown, Loki's streamlined design fits effortlessly into any space, from outdoor terraces to bedrooms. It's also an excellent complement to our round tables. Choose Loki for rustic charm and adaptability.

Sigfrid Round Stool

Introducing Sigfrid, a round stool that's as versatile as it is stylish. Available in Sand or Antic Brown, this high-quality stool is a creative addition to any space. Use it as an extra seat when guests arrive, a charming side table for your favorite book, or even a unique plant stand for your indoor greenery. With its compact size and rustic appeal, Sigfrid is more than just a stool - it's a piece of home decor that adds character to your space.

Saga Square Stool

Meet Saga, a versatile square stool crafted from oak wood. Available in Sand or Antic Brown, Saga can serve as a chic bedside table, a unique display stand, or a handy step stool. It also works perfectly as a complement to our tables. With its compact size and rustic appeal, Saga adds character and functionality to any space.